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Heli Scenic Tours

Explore Alberta by air and have an experience you will never forget. The Rockies are in our back yard, so why not see them in all their glory.

Heli Fishing, Hiking & Picnics

Only have a few days off? Don't want to

spend the whole morning or evening hiking in? Why not get flown in to remote fishing and hiking spots and call for a pick up when ready to head home. Or fly 20 minutes out and enjoy a river side picnic.

Heli Aerial Flights

Have you ever wanted to see your property from the air? Take a flight over your acreage or recently purchased land.

Find lost cattle or get a count on your herd from the air.

Party Flights
Red Helo.jpeg

Are you looking to spice up an event or party? Bring us out to your location for our party flights for all ages. Different package options are available; contact us to start planning your Party Flight today!

Call for specialty flights - If you have an idea that is not listed above, let me know what you have in mind and we can discuss options.

Some other adventures have included:

  • Heli food drop-offs and sightseeing tours in the North West Territories along the Canol Road

  • Heli tours of the Nahanni National Park

  • Fishing trips in the Northwest Territories

  • Mother's Day and Father's Day flight tours

  • Spring tours of the Rockies

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